The Supervillain Evildoer EP

by Karanastic

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The Supervillain Evildoer EP by Karanastic is essentially a underground concept album revealing the origin and attitude of this San Diego based rapper. All 5 songs were written in a two month time period before being recorded in February 2017. This means there is crazy cohesion in the themes and style, which is unique and unparalleled to anything else in rap.

While other people may prefer to rap about big screen TV's, sexy ladies, homosexuals & Vicodin; Karanastic does it up with songs about the Illuminati, conspiracy theories and pop culture.

Fast-flowing, hardcore, independent hip hop/rap music with a semi-high production quality with lots of self awareness. What's not to love? Nothing, that's what.

Hope you enjoy listening to this Extended Play album as much as The Internet's Best Rapper himself loved creating this passion project.


released March 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Karanastic Ventura, California

The Internet’s Best Rapper aka Karanastic. Unique rap which can be ridiculous and truthful at the same time. Hard hitting rhymes and fast flow is not for the weary or faint of heart.
Living in the Southern West Coast, K-Nasty has been grinding away, making music in the underground for years. Karanastic – Keeping it real so you don’t have to.
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Track Name: Eyes Open
Eyes Open
By Karanastic
Track 1 of 5
"The Supervillain Evildoer EP"
Released March 2017

[public domain samples]

Oh no here we go
you gone provoked the wrong folk
so dirty I melt a bar of soap
if the force awakens i am snoke
I'll make you itch like poison oak
so bend the knee and stop moping
stay woke with eyes open

[verse 1]
coming out like dinosaurs i'm a eat you alive with a violent force
literally just ate a horse while its alive and kicking of course
pick it apart and make a fort inside my car inside my ford
and ride around with an open door and rub it against my open sore
got the power make me strong and make my penis super long
and make me rap this stupid song
there aint nothing to see now move along
pass the joint i'm past the point of redemption now
lets flip a coin
anakin, dark side I joined
start panicking - get me annoyed
you might just go get bitch slapped
over the head with a burlap sack
slingshot reaction when I snap
go in the trunk now go in the back
get car crushed metal collapsed
listen here now face the facts that you are dead while I relax
I'm a fucking tyrannosaurus rex!
Don't you know that I'm a beast
got wicked sharpened metal teeth
with human parts all hung like wreaths
around my house I like to eat
got wicked full I had a feast
with human tongue with feta cheese
a penis my dog she had a piece
while still attached she wont release

[hook x2]

[public domain samples]

[verse 2]
kinda weak and kinda soft you level 1
i'm the final boss
you slippy toad i'm starfox, no andross
on the planet hoth
melt the snow and make it hot
after i drink your teardrops you snowflake
could desalinate the salt lake
you think its cool to emasculate
distort everything yeah modulate
i'm about to release a torture tape
but it disappeared in a cloud of vape?

[Public Domain Sample - Superman]

oh no what is this
a superhero nemesis thinks beating me is effortless
so i get up on my pegasus start slashing him repetitive
shit fucking cunt im the devil in disguise
i dont care for no one else I will never empathize
i will make you weep when you hear these battle cries
once your gone im the one all these kids will idolize
your legacy dies here haha..
come way to far to stop now
the cage is open this sharks out
this hammerheads nailing hard down
while your guards down a slug to your chest no heart pound
i stay profound and talking shit
you stay diluted thats dangerous
did you know i'm the reason that aids exist
i invented it
my minions be dependable
outstanding and commendable they always so incredible
they nothing but expendables whose faces so forgettable
they make sure that my cheddars full
take no flak talking smack they'll eat you like your edible
a situation analyst i know that I can handle this while puffin on this cannabis
i address the group now
never leave home with out a towel
need to clean when your disemboweled
ill do it in public in front of a crowd
said I'd do that shit in front of your child
what the fuck you take me for
think I answer door scared
not in this life yo i'm the one who knocks dear
hot sear burn you till you disappear
i'm sincere the planet is mine by the end of the year

[hook x2]
Track Name: Mythology
By Karanastic
Track 2 of 5
"The Supervillain Evildoer EP"
Released March 2017

[public domain sample - he isn't human]

[verse 1]
supervillain anything but ordinary
shootin killing everyone my adversary
born this way hereditary
on this day it was dark and eerie
awoken a demon not a fairy
the ground was shaking doctors staring
the exorcism they start preparing
the new born with the huge horns was stillborn but still breathing
the bibles torn i can't reform i'm too deformed got hell [freezing]
best be warned stay locked away
best you can do is hope and pray
hope you dont get slayed chopped and flayed when I'm busting out the razor blade
i may be crazed up in a daze it's like the shining i'm in a maze
[valar morghulis] just a phrase see it come true and be amazed
fucking more people than B of A's
these citizens get laid to waste
i rarely ever do it face to face
at the private server up at my place
locked away up in my lair watching you cry in despair
piss ya self and shed a tear
curling up in a ball from fear
and there there now bow down i'm a lock you up in my compound
hard labor you'll rock pound
and water board but don't drown

this is my mythology i was born a villain
superhero entity i'm hip hop hero killing
this is my mythology i was born a villain
chaos and calamity i find it so appealing
suicidal tendencies i always leave em feeling
this is my mythology i was born a villain
everyone’s my enemy this life is so fulfilling

[verse 2]
evilness wrapped up in a pretty package
realist ruthlessly became a savage
closed the latches lit the matches burned alive till skin detaches
insides clawed and filled with scratches
that was me at 2 years old
said i was a demon and had no soul
cant kill me or gain control my heart is a rock its a lump of coal
turn it to the boiling point im still not that uncomfortable
imbicile you catch my drift toxic farts you catch a sniff
superheroes cant resist a damsel thats destressed
kidnap all your lady friends toss em in the hudson river
cuz of all your ignorance already serving cuts of liver
why are you so bitter it was you that made me hit her
burry all this pussy meow call it kitty litter
the arbitrator in a dispute sew your mouth closed to make you mute
i'll allude that i dont really like your attitude
your iq and your aptitude and downward skewed so allow myself to introduce
to the main who plays it fast and loose
[the supervillain evil recluse]


[verse 3]
radioactive i unearthed uranium
these writings got redacted but these words im slaying em
took a hammer to the hand they tried to crush my cranium
got a casket all picked out and they plucked geraniums
you know revenge will suck when i start surveying em
can pick you out from crowds as large as fucking football stadiums
call this shit a blowout its the way that im wasting em
the illest to come to come about in about [8 millennium]
by the age of 5 i survived being burnt alive like 15 times
got circumcised by a pair of plyers
cannibalism my dark desires im lashing out with carpet fires
take civilization like sid meyers
take it over when i grow up
got people scared when i roll up
cuz the planet we on is so corrupt like a volcano i might erupt
i might explode i might evoke a few feelings to get you woke
you laugh i joke im not a bear that you want to poke
so dont provoke i'll make a list we'll find out how cold vengeance is
and eat both your intestine’s
[mmmm yeah...]

Track Name: Pentagrams and Symbolism
Pentagrams and Symbolism
By Karanastic
Track 3 of 5
"The Supervillain Evildoer EP"
Released March 2017

and i dont want to say its your fault
but its the path you chose to walk
shouldn't of kept close to the dark
so anybody listening here’s food for thought

[verse 1]
supervillain evildoer never knew that i exist
watching all these horror movies trying to find out what my favorite is
see the shadow moving around ain’t nothing there to make it though
that’s the evil poison coming that don’t have no antidote
running though the kitchen wishing that you had a chance
that there was some other way and that i had some other plans
but the grim reaper arrives we all get ripped with the sickle
we feel the butterfly effect through time that it ripples
karanastic that’s my name I’m from an alternate dimension
one where i was emperor and raised up with a quick ascension
everything was wicked bad cuz we had some socialism
everyone who slandered it got surgery a brain incision
opened up the borders and the enemy they came attacked
and took our way of life away and made up a new dialect
spread the hatred through the world and show em all of your deceit
accomplished is my mission now its time to make a quantum leap

[hook x2]

[verse 2]
pentagrams and symbolism found everywhere in media
allister crowley worshipping with pizza pedophilia
in full house theres some rumors about what they did to the olsen twins
heard it was some awful things in secret underground rings
is it really fiction though is it really just a guise
the evidence is evident open the lid see through your eyes
supervillain brainiac educate and wisen up
a semi automatic ruger a new regime is rising up
loose lips sink ships there goes the whole fleet
last album that i make 'fore im dead face down in the street
people in disguises hiding they true colors
serpents head it grows back and tries to control others
celebrities and politicians and perhaps its ya neighbor
a bunch of sociopaths with sketchy behavior
the information everywhere be careful what they hand ya
facebook google abc they filled with propaganda

[hook x2]

[verse 3]
became this way from all the lab experiments
genetically created in antarctic pyramids
made with a purpose of destroying the universe
a hip hop master villain wearing my little pony shirts
the friendships that i make are the furthest from magic
they become my sacrificial lambs and its tragic
egyptian relics embellish all this darkness nocturnal
the pharaoh with the ankh gave me life that is eternal

[hook x2]
Track Name: United
By Karanastic
Track 4 of 5
"The Supervillain Evildoer EP"
Released March 2017

[verse 1]
whole bunch of people that will never understand me
aint thinking that i need em so that’s all fine and dandy
i dont want no moore don’t need to be like mandy
put the panties on the floor then go give me a handy
cuming out of nowhere RKO like randy
telling feminists to go get food up in the pantry
king of the ring the last man in the rumble
stomp a mud hole in your butthole power bomb and tumble
put these rappers in my hand watching em crumble
till they lay up in the ashes and they fall up in the rubble
I’m proud to be the villain you need something to balance
all these goody two shoes they never give me a challenge
chemically imbalanced intentions always malice
got my vodka tonic lime ice up in a chalice
come into my lair and see my dungeons a palace
welcome to my wonderland so lustful and lavish

united we are strong united we will win
i be looking on the bright side always raising my chin
united we are strong united we will win
i be looking on the bright side always raising my chin
freedom of my speech is my right to offend
and i been banned social media i started a trend
united we are strong united we will win
separated and fight or divided we transcend

[verse 2]
say my name in the mirror and maybe i will manifest
the gates of hell is open homie sleeping at your home address
the smoke is in the air the breathing increasing you ingest
sleeping ain’t an option the demon host made a cozy nest
the audience will listen up mainstream is gullible
illuminatic satanism ain’t it so wonderful
the southern most continent you’ll see there’s a tundra full
the nazi were obsessed with it and now its untouchable
some say its atlantis others say that its hollow
look at all these cover ups there’s a trail to follow
a sacrificial tomorrow you think you owning the earth
and craving lots of power more than money is worth
but I’m a supervillain evildoer invading your turf
and i crawled from out the cemetery covered in dirt
6 times I’m resurrected from outa my grave
you should be very afraid I’m super danger deranged


[backwards talk]
Track Name: Outer Bounds
Outer Bounds
By Karanastic
Track 5 of 5
"The Supervillain Evildoer EP"
Released March 2017

life fast die young but the food i ate gave me ingestion
gained a ton like an elephant stay slum not elequant
not hesitant to slap a bitch
show you what being savage is
never knew what being average is
this avalance will free the fuck out of your olive branch
more of a legend then bagger vance
came to the future to save the past
different dimension the earth collapsed
species clash we dying fast
every man for himself so we trying to be last
lower than trash i chose my path
and its 100 times worst so i point and laugh
ha ha ha stay bazarre
and i got more bars than kendrick lamar
i thought that shit was evident
sorry i havent had my medicine
im smarter than thomas edison
ridaline and chlorine bleach
makes me tired when i fall asleep till i poop in the bed and i stain the sheets
till im weaping red have a violent streak
take weapons, heads start smashing teeth
i see more than optomotery
a supernatural odditity
i made a new award show so that you could go and honor me
this soul eating empowers me i do it 6 times hourly
i laugh you cower cowardly im screwed like our economy
righty tighty lefty loose theres a war the war on truth
all of us our brains is washed in the dryer our brains is tossed
spin it up keep it fresh stay up with red bull till i crash
stay composite no prime im past stay alive no limbs entact
guess what else the earth it flat look it up ya mind gets zapped
edge of walls high and tall the antarctic surrounds us all
better shut up theyll poison me this new state of emergency
no urgency relax and chill mind control and clonings real
hollyfield knock you out stay concealed in a fog of cloud
no reveal thats hollyground stay devout not world renowned
bump my shit when im not around i see the walls the outer bounds
never say that im out of rounds 7 times crazier than i sound

[john wayne sample - public domain]
is there any better or equal hope in the world lincoln asked
than the ultimate justice of the people
we americans believe there is not
stone work of our national life is made of this belief

in my eyes see im possessed hear a psychopathic manifest
a supervillain athiest now who invents this crazy mess
puffin chests and yell and scream and go get aids like Charlie Sheen
even tigers blood can have disease we all expire and have a lease
nah not me see im excempt found out from a suicide attempt
so fuck the laws that i resent
n fuck these courts im in contempt
runaway a fugative now that is much more lucrative
seems so much more intuitive this lunatic is moving kid
internet i stay a troll evilness it takes its toll
MKUltra mind control make a snitch a hidden mole
always stitching i reap and sew
im on a mission heart beating slow
im in position im on patrol
ill run you down with a vehicle
you play to win i play to cheat you play to lose i play for keeps
you stay prestigue i stay a creep with the men in black secret agency
blatenly be brazen amazing high is the elevation raising on this whole operation
the innovation in relation to the bullshit raises so much questions
blocking out my ears not listening to suggestions
the yes men surround me trusting never doubt me
touch me its arrousing in section 8 housing

[samples - public domain]
the communist block would like to see the entire world under communist dominiation
and we are confident that history can do no other than award us the victory in any contest
where ideas are the weapon